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FMP system requirements: Windows 7 Enterprise NO, 7 Ultimate YES

Question asked by DavidHollander on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by schamblee

The system requirements page for FileMaker Pro has never included Windows 7 Enterprise.


Yet for FMP versions 11 through 15, Windows 7 Ultimate has always been included.


From my research, Windows 7 Ultimate is said to be the same technology as Enterprise, just named differently because Ultimate was marketed to "PC enthusiasts" while Enterprise was for volume license customers.


Is that why FileMaker tests it products only on Ultimate, but not on Enterprise -- because it would be redundant?


My university's health system runs on Windows 7 Enterprise -- thousands of machines. I want to be confident that FMP will run safely, yet I can't get that assurance from FileMaker, or even a statement that their testing on Win7 Ultimate can be considered "sufficient" for Win7 Enterprise customers.


And my guess is that the Win7 Enterprise user base far exceeds that of Ultimate, although I can't find figures to prove it. Volume license customers are typically large institutions like mine, where IT departments prefer the safety of staying on older, Enterprise versions of Windows for a long time.


And no, of course I can't ask our IT staff to change their mandated Windows version here to suit FileMaker's requirements. So:

  1. Can anyone please confirm that FMP 15 runs safely on Windows 7 Enterprise in their experience?
  2. Can FileMaker Inc. please consider testing products on Enterprise in favor of Ultimate versions of Windows, if they must choose only one?