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    Sort summary data


      Hi, I would like to get data in a portal summary field sorted by date of items.

      All I can get is the records summarized according to the order they have been added in the portal.

      Does anyone have an idea how to sort these results? (by ID, alphabetical order of any of records fields,...)


      Thanks in advance!!!



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          Just double-click the portal and open the sort portal option. Then select which field you want the portal record to sort by. Hope this is helpful to you.

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            The other thing you can do is set the base sort on the relationship in the graph by double clicking the relationship box. This usually provides a faster sort than doing it in the portal. After the base sort is set you can also change the sort in the portal as suggested.

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              Thank you both Jeremy and bigtom.


              I tried first suggestion and is ok except for one issue, that is...

              When I sort for other field other than ID, I get the same ID for all portal records, even if the hyperlinks are running correctly.

              Can you figure out what is going wrong with that?


              Then, I tried to set the base sort as bigtom sad, but I couldn't found where to manage it. Could you please, explain me the path.


              Thanks for your help!



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                I have no idea about your ID because I do not know how you are setting the ID.


                In the relationship graph there is a small box between the tables. Usually with an "=" in the middle. Double click that and you will see the option to set the sort on the portal table.

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                  Thank you very much!

                  It worked!

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