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How to get the sum of a filtered portal field?

Question asked by kaatzastation on Jul 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by beverly


     I am trying to get the sum of a specific feild across several records as shown as a filtered portal results. Each record has a date and a number  and records can be filtered by date to show a specific date range. For example say I have 30 records in my database which I access through a portal. The date range for all of thes records is from date 06/01/16 to date 06/30/16 and each record has a number feild "hours" with a number value.  I want to find the total of the values in the number feild between the dates 06/04/16 to 06/09/16. I want to add another feild to the layout (not in the portal) that will calulate the sum of the number feild in those five records, but ignor the rest until the filter is removd again, so I can print a report for that date range. Can someone help me come up with a script for that? A summary feild shows me the total of all of the number feilds in the table, so that doesn't work for me.