Double Dialog

Discussion created by Jean-Francois on Jul 2, 2016
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Product and version FM14 and FM15 demo (x32)

OS and version Win pro 7 x64



The file was originaly created in FM12 (but it's doing the same on a brand new created file under FM15)

I have tested my solution of both fm14 and fm15 and the same problem on both version.

I see a "ghost" dialog in the back of each native FM dialog box.

It's not doing it when I use a plugin dialog to create all kind of dialog.


A picture worth a 1000 words...



When I open my file and some


In the script workspace


exit the editor without saving...


and what's in the back can't be click or access...



Workaround: None find


PS: By the way, this is still not fix... since FM12 !!

The "E" from "mode" is missing a bit when using Windows Classic theme.