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    Double Dialog


      Product and version FM14 and FM15 demo (x32)

      OS and version Win pro 7 x64



      The file was originaly created in FM12 (but it's doing the same on a brand new created file under FM15)

      I have tested my solution of both fm14 and fm15 and the same problem on both version.

      I see a "ghost" dialog in the back of each native FM dialog box.

      It's not doing it when I use a plugin dialog to create all kind of dialog.


      A picture worth a 1000 words...



      When I open my file and some


      In the script workspace


      exit the editor without saving...


      and what's in the back can't be click or access...



      Workaround: None find


      PS: By the way, this is still not fix... since FM12 !!

      The "E" from "mode" is missing a bit when using Windows Classic theme.

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          Thank you for your post.


          Are you able to replicate the double dialog on another machine?


          If you don't have another machine available to you, create a new user account, login to the new user account, and launch FileMaker Pro.  Do you still get the double dialog?


          Regarding the other issue, does the truncated "e" occur when another theme is used?



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            For the truncate "e" it's also doing with the high constrast one

            And it's the only place in FM that a truncate letter appears!


            As for the double dialog, well it's going to be another of those thing that I will have to figuere out "again" by myself. It's not doing it on the same PC, using another account. I have use 2 other account on the domain to log into my PC and, it's not doing it...


            I have put the plugin that was installed aside, since the problem is not there on other user, using the same file and plugin.


            The data viewer in FMA14 is double and don't look the same, button appears out of no where !! and they use native Windows call function since they are in french and I use FM in english


            So any clue, what should I look into ?? Reinstalling Windows is not an option

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              The double-dialog should not occur.  Since it is not occurring under other user accounts on the same machine, we can rule out FileMaker Pro.  Temporarily stop all non-Microsoft services and try again.  If this works, then start adding non-Microsoft services until the issue occurs again.


              You said, "For the truncate "e" it's also doing with the high contrast one".  Can you be a little more specific?  I have tried with every Theme, including all four "Contrast" themes.

              Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 8.13.44 AM.png


              Reinstalling Windows is always a last resort, and it is not even considered an option since it works correctly under other user accounts on the same machine.



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                OK I deactivate all the non-essential  services that were running on my PC, some I can't stop them (like AVG Service and Watchdog) but they run on every session anyway. I killed almost every process and services possible and it's still doing it. DO you have a debug utilities that I can have runing and click on a window to see from where that process is coming from. It will come from FM, but maybe it will have a trace of something ??


                But this is definitely having to do with FM, since that behaviour is only happening in FM, with all the other software installed on my PC, From Corel Draw to Autocad, Acrobat Pro to VM Ware and Office, none of them have that double dialogue.


                And for the truncate "e"... never mind, I don't care if it's doing it or note, it doesn't impact the workflow

                but I use an old VM Win7 32 bits and installed the FM 15 trial and log as admin and it's the same in classic and high contrast.


                those 5 themes do the same


                But none of the Aero Themes do it, so I don't understand why it's doing it on my system and not yours, but I have tested it and notice that problem for many years, I always use the classic theme at the office and I have changed my PC many times since... And it's not the French version of Windows that do it, since my Win7 32 bits is an English version.

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                  Since it doesn't seem to be Microsoft services related in the user account, it may be Registry related.  You may want to compare the registry entries for the original user account with the new working user account.


                  My apologies for misunderstanding the Windows themes.  I was incorrectly focusing on FileMaker themes.  I am able to see characters in the Inspector  truncated on other Windows themes.  I have sent this information to our Development and Testing departments for review.  When I receive any feedback, I will let you know.



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                    Our Development and Testing departments are already aware of the "e" being cropped/truncated when using a Classic Windows theme or other theme.  Your post has been attached to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will post again.



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                      I have found the problem for the dual dialog,


                      That was caused by a config for the relocation of a dialog box with nvidia desktop manager

                      Sorry I only have it in french


                      it says: Transfer dialog on the pointer's screen.


                      I switch it to "Don't relocate the dialog"


                      and by magic, the 2nd dialog is now gone!


                      I'm also assuming that I have issues with script debuger and dataviewer window that are on my 2nd screen to relocate on the screen #1, when switching back to FM after I minimized it and bring it back...


                      So now you can have your team looking in that direction and/or contacting Nvidia and maybe try to fix that, since it was only happening with FM14/15