ExecuteSQL with multiple AND conditions

Discussion created by nickausaus on Jul 2, 2016
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Hi all

I'm  quite new to the ExecuteSQL function in FM and wondering if someone can give me some guidance.

Basically what I'm trying to do is get a Fee  (number) from a table (Fees_Other) based on three conditions:


1. Fee_Name = 'Registration' (for this case, but I have many more to do...)

2. Effective From >= Purchase_Date

3. Effective To <= Purchase_Date


So basically I'm trying to get the applicable fee based on name, and effective dates. It works fine if I just have one Fee and only use the first condition, but I get the '?' result when I add the date clauses. Below is the Field Calculation I have at the moment:


ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT Fee FROM Fees_Other WHERE

Fee_Name = 'Registration'


Finance::Purchase_Date ≥ Fees_Other::Effective_From


Finance::Purchase_Date  ≤  Fees_Other::Effective To


; "" ; "")