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DateFormat 15111989 to 15/11/1989

Question asked by ChristofferRexen_1 on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by richardsrussell

Hi everyone,


I found this neat CustomFunction (CF), although since it's Italian, I can't really seem to twist it right.

FileMaker Custom Function:DataFormattata ( testo )

Now, I'm looking for a CF or Script, which handles the clients can just enter a date like above in the subject 15111989 and the date field automatically corrects sets the correct / when the client exits/validates the field.

So 15111989 or just 151189, goes to be like 15/11/1989.


Is it even possible, and with a CustomFunction maybe, since I do have a lot of different date fields.


Furthermore, will the date fields have to be converted to number fields?


Best regards