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Stored Calculation fields

Question asked by HashirRaja on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by siplus

Hi there Filemaker community


I am creating a database for my business. I got a trial on to host it on a server to see how it goes. I tried it, and right away, noticed that when I load my list layout, it would take 2 min to load the calculation / summary fields. I have about 360 records at the moment. I am planning to have much more than that. My calculation fields are basically just calculating how much % I get from payments and how many payments are remaining. There are about 3 calculation fields per record. The summary field summarizes total payments.


I would like to know,

1 - Should I not use too many calculation fields?

2 - If so, what is a good alternative? Make a script to enter data into those fields with triggers?


I was reading online regarding this, and I came across a talk about stored and unstored calculation fields. I tried to do more research on that, but I am not able to find any details about it.


I wanted to know,

3 - What are stored and unstored calculation fields?

4 - How do you make a calculation field into stored or unstored?


Thanks in advance!