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A field response based on a selection from a value list

Question asked by dgmjr on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by wintertj

Hi there,


I have two fields : "ConsultantDiscipline" and "DateToConsulant"


The field "ConsultantDiscipline" is a drop down menu in which has a value field of say five values.

When a particulate value is selected, I want the "DateToConsultant" field to to respond with a specific result



If I select "Arch' from the value list from the ConsultantDiscipline field, I want the response in the DateToConsulant field to be "-".

If a selection is made from any of the 4 remaining values, the "DateToConsultant" field result would be empty


This is a calculation that I tried with no success:

if( ConsultantDiscipline  ≠ "Arch"; DateToConsultant ; "-" )


Any input would greatly be appreciated,