FileMaker Go cannot import the cvs that it just exported

Discussion created by 2cool on Jul 4, 2016
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I am having problem doing what seems to be very simple. Using only a Go app, I simply want to write out all of the records from a table to a file and then read the records back into the same table.


Here is what I need to do:

1) I have a standalone iOS FM app.

2) I need to save table data from my iOS app as a CSV so that I can read the same CSV back in later.

3) I may also want to e-mail or text the CSV to other users so that they can merge the data into their devices.

4) The app must be standalone and not require any interaction with a FM server to FM Pro.

5) The Go App must create the file and the Go app must be able to read the file back in.


I am getting an error 3 on the import. When I include the iOS filter in FM, it inserts (NOT COMPATIBLE) in the import records function. The manual indicates that it is compatible. I have tried mer, cvs, tab delimited text, etc. All export but all fail on import. Also, the export writes my data out correctly. Why can I not export a file and then re-import the same file? Any suggestions?


Here are the simple scripts:

Export Attached:

Import Attached: