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    Can't Access Admin Console Remotely


      I just upgraded our mac to El Capitan and FM Server from 14 to 15.  I can no longer access the admin console remotely via port 16000.  I can access it on the local host via 16001 just fine.  We use a custom SSL cert but it doesn't work if I try to connect via IP or domain name. I have of course tried rebooting the server and the admin server. I have ensured that the OSX firewall allows all the programs listed in this doc: Configuring Windows and OS firewalls for FileMaker Server | FileMaker


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Hmm the plot thickens.  I have now noticed that in Filemaker 14 I can access the server via Filemaker Pro using the IP and the domain name, but with FM pro 15, it only works with the IP address.  Could it be a problem with the SSL certificate? Do I need to install it again after the FM Server 15 upgrade?

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            As far as I know you do need to install your SSL cert again. Although I am not sure that is the problem. You should be able to connect with the default certificate. Have you tested disabling the OS X firewall to see if you have access? If you still have the same problem then it is not your firewall settings.


            FMI offers free install/upgrade support for FMS. Worst case you can give them a call.


            Are you trying to connect on the same LAN or over WAN? If WAN did your FMS machine reassign a new IP address? maybe the port settings need to be adjusted or you need to set the server to a manual IP address.

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              After rebooting the server twice, I can connect to the admin console remotely now.  Another problem seems to have cropped up though.  Filemaker 14 and 15 are not giving me any errors when I connect via IP address instead of domain name. It should give me a grey lock, but is giving me a green one no matter how I connect.

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                Not sure what to suggest. Rekeying your cert?