SSL Cert following FMS Installation- 2 box set up

Discussion created by tcwaters on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by tcwaters

I just installed FMS 15 to replace our FMS 14 boxes. We use the two box configuration. Installation went swimmingly well. In the Admin console, I can view the previous existing SSL Cert, but in a WebDirect window, I get a warning about the default SSL Cert.


I'm guessing I need to do the whole process of creating a request and importing a new cert? Yes?  Or is the issue the cert that I have wasn't created properly?


In the "Issued To:" it has the name of the master box, and in the alternative name, it also has the master box, but no where does it have the worker box name listed. I would think that it would have to list both the master and the worker? Right?


My master box is liquid.[domain] and my worker is tincture.[domain]


Thanks in advance for any help to better understand this.