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FMS15: saving Schedules and groups, FMS settings

Question asked by planteg on Jul 4, 2016
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I installed FMS 15 for FDS on Windows 7 Pro ...


Please don't tell me Windows 7 is not supported...
I know that Windows 7 Pro is not supported for FMS. It's just for testing and learning

... When I start the FMS console from the Start menu, it starts in IE. When I do Server > Save Schedules and Groups..., first I wonder why I am  not asked where to put the resulting file, usually ... means some dialog will be shown. Then IE acts strangely, by opening a new tab with some gibberish data: at the beginning I can see "FMIE01Copyright (c) 2001 - 2002 FileMaker, Inc. All Rights Reserved." Ahum... But in Chrome it downloads the file as expected. Strange IE .


The FileMaker Training Series Advanced suggest to save the FileMaker Server settings. It's indeed a good advise, but how can I proceed to save the Server settings ?