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FileMaker Pro 5

Question asked by joyfulmn on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by ggt667

Most of you probably don't even remember that version but I need advice.  Years ago my daughter gifted me FM Pro 5 and created a recipe database for me. I still update and depend on that file.  I like it especially because I can search on any ingredient field and it will search all.  No figuring out what line I should try. The recipe file and one DOS program are two major reasons I've refused to upgrade from XP.


My question - I'm a grandmother with limited income looking to save my recipe database.  Are there any suggestions how I can do that without spending way too much money for the one purpose?  I don't mind spending...say...thirty dollars but I'm sure that's outrageously low.  Is there hope for me to save and use my database if I do have to upgrade to Windows 10?