Have a User ID create a record (with that User ID associated) in a linked table?

Discussion created by ezeitgeist on Jul 4, 2016
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My help request is two-fold:


(1) I have a table of Users (with unique User_ID as unique number). I want to eventually put it to a web page and have each user be able to login and only see their User_ID associated records.

Example: Table 1 = Users, Table 2 = Meetings. I want a user to be able to see only his or her meetings. I've created a portal that shows the results, but I am not sure how to limit use to one User and only seeing his or her specific results. Currently the layout with the portal has a different record per User_ID.


(2) I also want a User to be able to create a new record (a Meeting) and have it automatically generate that User_ID associated to make it uniquely connected to that User. Ie. Instead of "new record" and the User would have to put in their own User_ID for the relationship to connect, the record would auto-generate the User_ID field in the "Meetings" table so that the portal (from part 1 above) works.


I am in Filemaker Pro Advanced 12.


Is this possible? If yes, how? Thank you ahead for any advice!