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    popup menus temporarily stop working FMGo


      Getting reports, from the field, that popup menus for several fields do not show, only Paste or Delete show as options. Sometimes, after a new record is created, popup values for these fields reappear, for the new records and existing records.


      Value lists are stored locally.  This is a new behaviour in existing code as far as I can tell right now.


      I have not managed to reproduce this but have two separate reports of this behaviour.

      Quiting FMGo and restarting it may also clear the issue.

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          Thank you for your post.


          This issue has not been previously reported.


          What can you tell me about the layout?  Where does the field formatted pop-up menu appear in relation to other fields?  Is the field in a portal?  Slide Control?  Tab Control?  Popover?


          The next time this occurs, ask the customer the steps she/he was doing just prior to the issue.  This may help provide a cause.



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