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    Filtering Records in a List Weekly




      We are attempting to create a list for our project with a portal that shows reports submitted by reporters that have been approved and are ready to move on to the next stage. The list will reset every week to stop showing records that have been approved by an editor, with a timestamp on the approval date, over a week ago to filter those from being used. If anyone has any idea how to do something like this with a script please let me know, thanks.

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          Well, since you're already using portals, filtered portals make sense.


          A simple portal filter calculation like:

          reports::status = "submitted" and reports::dateReportSubmit > Get(CurrentDate) - 8

          would filter report records to only display records that were submit within the last 7 days.


          You could create a scheduled script that ran at the end of the week to change any un-approved "submitted" reports to some other status like "expired" so they would fall out of the portal.