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Edit portal records in existing layout

Question asked by lkeyes on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by lkeyes

Using FM15


I have a 1-M relationship set up Project->Contacts with Contacts showing up in a portal on a Project record.


I'm trying to be able to edit a contact record using a dedicated contact layout that has many more fields than those displayed in the portal. I've got a button added to the portal row for this purpose which runs an Edit contact script.


I've tried various combinations of GTRR but all I seem to get is a new blank record in the contacts screen. which, if I fill out with new information dutifully appears correctly in the portal.


Just must be missing something.


Is the GTRR supposed to find the specific child record automatically,  or is there some kind of FIND that has to take place before I get on the correct existing record.  Must be missing a script step.... 


If someone could suggest sample code that would be great.  Thanks