Image Manipulation plugin

Discussion created by JohnM_2 on Jul 5, 2016
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I am looking for the most cost effective Filemaker Plugin that can do all of the following:

Similar to the Cropping tool in Adobe Lightroom.

I don't need image adjustments like Brightness, contrast, etc.


Here is a link for a movie which shows how we do this currently with another custom program:


We select the patient and then start the Capture sequence.

All patients have 7 photos taken in a Specific  sequence.  The capture program then loads it from the SD card.,  The capture starts as soon as we select the first image in the sequence of 7.

The 7 boxes on the screen are set to receive the 7 images. 

2 of the boxes automatically Flip the images  and

2 of the boxes automatically Rotate the images 90Degrees to Left.


Once they are in the boxes then we should be able to use HANDLES to manually  Rotate, Zoom and move the image.  Similar to the Cropping tool in Adobe Lightroom.


When you finally hit SAVE those images are cropped by the BOX size and saved in THAT rotated, zoomed and cropped shape.

When saved they will have a specific name based on patients UNIQUE Record number and image type FRONT or SIDE.


So far I know about  Monkeybread Software and CNS but haven't tried either of them.