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    License Clarification


      Hi to everyone,

      this is my first message so I introduce myself.. I'm Fabio and I started to use Filemaker to implement a solution that can help my business..



      Basically I would share my solution (with my own server) with 3-4 Ipad (with Filemaker Go installed).



      The Server(my pc with Filemaker solution shared) and the Client (3-4 iPad) they will be stay inside the same local. so I'll use my wi-fi to connect the client to the server.



      I just wondering if just one license of Filemaker Pro will be enough to get the result?







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          Johan Hedman

          You need FileMaker Server to host your database and then Concurrent Connections for your users.

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            Hey, Fabio, since this is your first use of this forum, let me mention a couple of things about the forum itself, not specifically about FileMaker Pro.


            (1) If you are posting a question, there's a little checkbox that you can click on to indicate that it IS a question. That'll make it more likely to draw attention and get it answered faster.


            (2) If you do that, and somebody subsequently gives you the correct answer to that question, you (and only you, as the original poster, or OP) can mark their response as the "Correct Answer". That helps people who come along later with the same question, to see that it's already been answered. (FWIW, it appears to me that Johan Hedman deserves to be acknowledged in this manner.)


            (3) Sometimes a person will give you a response that doesn't fully answer the question but is otherwise useful — a formatting tip, say — and you also have the ability to recognize that as a "Helpful Answer".


            Welcome to the forum. We hope you have a splendid time here and with FileMaker Pro in general.

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              Thank you for your post!


              It is possible to host a database with FileMaker Pro 15 to a total of 5 clients at a time. However, as johanhedman mentioned, you may want/need FileMaker Server as it is much more robust. FileMaker Server is capable of things like running scheduled backups and scripts, taking advantage of SSL, and would ideally be on a dedicated machine for reliability.


              I hope this helps!



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Hi there,

                Thanks to everyone for the reply..!


                So I understand that is it possible to use Filemaker pro but Filemaker Server is a better choice..

                Sorry if I bother you with this kind of question but I'm not total clear about it..


                If I buy one license of Filemaker Server I can share my solution with 5 or more Client with Filemaker Go?

                (Because someone told me that I need to buy 5 license of Filemaker Server to do this, cause the basic License of Filemaker Server can handle just one (iOS) connection at time.. Is that True?)



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                  It does not even support one connection out of the box now days.

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                    Fabio, you only need one license of Server. Then you add as many user connections as you need:

                    FileMaker Licensing for Teams FAQ | FileMaker