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Flashing Dialog Boxes When Connecting to Hosted Solution

Question asked by wraynewton on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by schamblee

For all users, when first connecting to a hosted solution each time, small dialog boxes begin to quickly appear and disappear in various locations on the screen. This lasts for about 60-90 seconds and then the solution loads. Once the solution loads, it operates about as fast as I've seen a hosted solution go.


The solution was build in FM14 Pro Advanced and is hosted on a shared plan with FMPHost. There are 6 users in total. 4 users are connecting via FM14 (14.0.6) on Yosemite 10.10.5, 1 user is connecting via FM15 on Yosemite 10.10.5, and 1 user is connecting via FMGo on his iPad (iOS 9.3.2). The behavior is the same across all platforms and for both privilege sets (admin and user). The only exception is that on the iPad, the screen just blinks and you don't actually see any of the dialog boxes that are seen by the desktop clients until the solution finally loads.


If I use WebDirect to access the solution, it loads almost immediately, but all other operations are much slower.


Both of our office locations have a connection that is almost always 15Mbs down and 2Mbs up.


The only startup script I have running is one that maximizes the window, locks the toolbars, and sets the zoom level to 100%. The first layout it defaults to is a dashboard type layout with a list of upcoming projects, recent quotes, new orders, and a few summary statistics. There's also links to get to all of the necessary detail screens from there.


Any ideas? The guys at FMPHost just said that the solution is having to sort before it loads and that's what I'm seeing. Sort what? The portals that display via slide control on the dashboard?


I'm certain this is something that I've done when creating the solution and not something wrong with the hosting or with the clients. Any thoughts would be appreciated. It's a tolerable minute break every morning, but faster loading would be better for everyone.