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PDF Created On Windows does not Include Graphics

Question asked by hickam on Jul 6, 2016
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I have a ten page proposal that I am printing in both Mac and Windows. Several of the pages include a full page graphic as a background with mail merge fields on top.

Each page is a separate layout. I am using scripting to create a pdf with the first page and appending all other pages.


I am using Filemaker 14 and on the windows computer in question I am using FMP 14.0.6.

The Widsows OS is 10.


When printing on the Mac everything displays (regardless of which Mac)

When printing on Windows and from Filemaker, some of the full page graphics appear and some do not. All Graphics are JPEG. All graphics were created in InDesign and feature the same technical specifications. (Same color space, etc.)

When printing on Windows to the Adobe PDF driver, graphics display. Unfortunately this will not work for creating a single PDF as there is no easy way to put the pages together into one PDF without rebuilding the entire proposal.


This appears to be a Filemaker bug as the graphics print correctly using mac and using the adobe PDF.

Has anybody had experience with this problem? Is there a fix?


Thank you!