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Records out of thin air?! / Fields not updating

Question asked by lindseym on Jul 7, 2016



I am working on continuing project that I have had quiet a few of you help me out with. It looks better than I could have imagined because of you all sharing your knowledge.


Here are hopefully my last 2 hang ups:


File and support file is attached. The script references the containing folder and will output the PDFs to the same folder.


1. When I run the script to make a PDF, my "cover sheet" goes from 1 record to 38/42. This page should only have one record with fields entered from the "Project" Layout, therefore a 1 page PDF as the output (you can see in the attached video, when I preview the file their are multiple pages




2. When I open the file it goes to the "Project" layout, it shows as 1 record. I enter the information, and press the PDF button. I believed that the information I just entered should auto populate on the additional layouts: Cover Sheet, Sign Count, Message Schedule, but nothing comes up.


Ideally, you open the file to Project layout, enter the information, press the PDF button, and don't even look at the other layouts. At least that is my goal.


karina your help with the button bar was AWESOME! Not sure where I am messing up with the relationships.


Thanks for checking this out.