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Migrating data between solutions, what is faster and safer ?

Question asked by Wicktor on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by stephensexton

Hello everyone,

I have browsed treads about this and I have seen various opinions which often don’t match so I would like to know how experienced developers manage situations like this.


I have a solution on FM14 Server with 36 Tables for a total of some 750k records and I need to periodically make small changes to the solution (about every two months).

Which should be the FASTER and SAFER procedure for migrating data from older to newer ?


a) exporting data from each Table into separate files (in such case which format: CSV or tab or…?)  from older solution and then import into newer solution


b) importing directly from the older solution using scripts


c) with both solutions uploaded into FM server or both as stand.alone


Thanks for all opinions