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Using an xml stylesheet to import data...Or Not?

Question asked by mgostovich on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by mgostovich

Ok here I am again to pick the brains of the community.


I have stated before that I am working on upgrading from FMS11 & FMP11 to FMS15 & FMP15. My FM11 database is a morphed up version database that started out in FM5. I have upgraded it along the way but I am really having performance issues with this mixture of single file/single table and single file/multi table environment that I have ended up with. I have the new database built and I'm ready to start importing and all my data into the new tables but the field names don't match on all the fields and it is going to be a major pain to match everything up. I am absolutely a Nube with XML but I still have a few brain cells left to learn it I think.

My question is can I create a stylesheet to tell it x=y and if so should I? And then if someone can point me to how.

My other question is should I go this route or is there a better option?