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Auto Generate Buttons or Parts

Question asked by globe11123 on Jul 7, 2016
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Is there a way to auto generate buttons?


Problem: Our products have lots of different components that are compatible on multiple products. I would have to create 100's of buttons and scripts to achieve this with the method I can do. I'm creating a tablet layout for the factory where the user can choose what product they are servicing which will populate an area of the screen with compatible parts.


The reason I want to do it this way is because manually searching / typing each part name in will take much longer than just one button press. These parts then appear in a ComponentDetails table where they can be priced.


I've heard something about using a web viewer and executeSQL but that's a bit beyond my knowledge currently. Haven't really seen any guides how to do it either.


Here is an example of my layout. Where they are categories for the different products which in-turn will populate different components.