PostScript fonts not recognized in FileMaker 14/15 on Mac

Discussion created by AndreasT on Jul 7, 2016
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Platform: Mac OS X 10.10.5

FM version: 14.v5 and 15v1


After converting a .fp7 solution to .fmp12 I noticed that a certain PostScript font (Domestos Sans) did not display. All instances of this font had reverted to Helvetica on all layouts. This issue may affect some or all Postscript fonts.


The font is available in the font menu, but is not recognized as being the font in use.

Opening the files in FM version 13v9 correctly displays the font. It is displayed as "Domestos Sans-Normal" in the Font menu.


I noticed that the font name in v14/15 is different, it is displayed as "DomestosSans"

Manually changing the font to this works, but is not practical in a large solution with many files and lots of layouts.


I took a look at the XML in ClipManager and the font name is defined there as "Domestos Sans-Normal". After changing the font in FM14/15 the XML shows "DomestosSans-Normal". The space is gone.


This seems like a bug in FM 14/15.


There is a similar report here:

FMP 13 OK, but FMP 14 substitutes Frutiger fonts with Helvetica