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Upload data to check box field

Question asked by Cécile on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by LabsRock

I am new to FM and working with a DB that was created a long while ago. I figured how to do mass import but I have trouble with one of the fields.


The field name is Keywords2005. In the record layout view, it displays in an edit box (which is not editable because the box acts as a button to fire the script Go to keywords2005 which opens keywords2005 field's layout view) the values checked in keywords2005 field's layout view (each record can have several boxes/values checked for that field).


In Excel I have one column named Keywords2005 and for each record, I enter in that cell all the values (value, Alt+enter, value, etc.) that should appear in the display edit box on the record layout view and checked in the keywords2005 field's layout view).


When I import the records, I can see the values properly displayed in the record layout view Keywords2005 edit box. However, if I click the Keywords2005 edit box to access the field layout view, none of the check boxes are checked.


I suspect that I cannot upload from Excel one cell with multiple data to a field containing multiple check boxes. How to do this properly? Thank you!


Database Values:

Value List Name= Keywords2005Source=From FieldValues= Field: "Files::Keywords2005"
Value List Name= Kewordsnew    Source=From FieldValue="Green","Blue","Red"


Layout Keywords2005, Keywords2005 field setup:

Display as: Checkbox Set

Display values from: Keywordsnew


Script: Go to Keywords2005

Set Field[Graphics::Layout Number; Get(LayoutNumber)]

Go to Related Record [Show only related records; From table: "Files"; Using layout: "Keywords2005"(Files)]