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Question asked by ron.harris on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by ron.harris

Hello, please forgive my ignorance.  I'm new to FMP15 advanced and have several script files that I am using to try and learn to code in FMP15A; some of these scripts call other scripts and I'd like to be able to follow the flow.  I tried copying the code to Word and other text editors so I could easily reference it while deciphering the script in FMP.  I can't copy it!  I tried printing it to a color printer and it prints in black and white.  There's no 'Export Script' menu command either.  I've been coding over 2 decades and know the value of color coded code, especially when learning to code in new app.  So, am I missing something?  Is it a permission thing (I'm thinking not)?   Are there any books out there for FMP 15 Advance?


I'm thinking what I want to do isn't possible but I leave it to you, the experts.


Thanks, Ron