Portal Doing Random Search

Discussion created by TVBOTC on Jul 8, 2016
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I looked through the "portal" threads and didn't see anyone else with this issue.  I am pretty sure it is the portal that is causing it.


When just sitting on a layout (in browse mode) that contains a portal or going to the next record, a dialog box comes up saying "Find in Progress" and it takes a while to go away.  There are no script triggers on the layout. When I duplicate the layout and remove the portal, this does not happen.  We upgraded from FMP11 to 14 in February (have not made the jump to 15 yet).  When in 11, this did not happen.  Any ideas as to why this is happening and what I can do to make it stop?





p.s. It is not just this database doing it, it happens in other too.