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    FM Go Find Dialogue


      Hi Experts,


      I have a solution in GO that has two find scripts that to all intent and purpose are structured identically one runs on Condition data the second on Index data both work. However, I would not be posting if there were no concerns. One script does not show the found dialog the second does see image, I cannot find any reference to hiding this or find a reason why it is showing on one script and not the other, any thought direction appreciated.




      Stephen Bennett

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          Markus Schneider

          if the 'find' is scripted and some scriptsteps follow after the perform find step, it will not show that results-dialog

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            Hi Markus,


            Both scripts are scripted see images below, and both are trigger by OnModeExit when the Blue Go key is selected on the FMGO keyboard, I have also tried OnObjectExit with the same results, quite frustrating that both appear exactly the same on the surface when checked in Script Debugger. Each of the finds are on fields from related tables Conditions and Index, the landing layouts are very similar with the exception that Conditions has two rather than the one subsummary that is on the index page. Any additional thoughts appreciated.


            Thanks, Stephen Bennett



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              Is your toolbar disabled for both scripts or do you have something going on with custom menus that might affect this?

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                I have managed to resolve the issue, it was not in the scripts but in the ScriptTiggers. The layout for the Index Find has two triggers OnObjectExit  in Find mode and OnModeExit in Find Mode. The layout for Condition Find also has two triggers however, the OnObjectExit was set to Browse Mode not Find Mode and the OnModeExit was set to on Find Mode. Changing the OnObjectExit to Find Mode resolved the issue and all scripts now work without dialog. While the find results were always correct it was important that the user experience was the same on all FM GO screens. Again thanks for the input.