[ANN] CoreScope 1.5 Now Available Free

Discussion created by mikebeargie Expert on Jul 8, 2016

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CoreScope 1.5 was approved and is now available for update and download in the app store! CoreScope is a free iOS app that communicates with FileMaker Go to return deep level metadata about an iOS device. Version 1.5 introduces 18 new metadata points, my largest update ever!

New features in 1.5:

• NEW: memoryInfo function will now tell you how much total memory a device has!
• NEW: accessibilityInfo function introduces 13 new tags detailing accessibility settings of a device!
• NEW: screenInfo function will tell you the brightness level of the screen and if the screen is mirrored!
• NEW: systemInfo added the uptime function to return the time since last reboot!
• NEW: batteryInfo added the lowPowerMode function to return if low power mode is active!

Thank you to the many user groups across North America that have hosted me for a demonstration of CoreScope and comparison of FileMaker development vs. Native iOS development. Please continue to provide feedback!