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Merging JUST current record to a document for printing

Question asked by simonpsmith on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by philmodjunk

I have a list of clients and, on one of the tabs on their client record page, there are buttons for various letters (let’s call them “letter 1” and “letter 2” etc.).


I want to be able to be on a client’s record page, click on the letters tab, then click on a particular letter’s button and JUST print the relevant letter out with their information merged into it.


At present all of this works EXCEPT that when the letter comes up, with all information correctly inserted, it’s still possible to scroll through all other client’s details as they are still 'available'.


So, for instance, if I have 10 clients, and I’m on the 2nd of 10 client's record and click “letter 1”, letter 1 with their data filled in comes up on screen, but it shows me that it’s record 2 of 10 and I can scroll on to record 3 or back to 1 etc.


How do I constrain the merge to JUST client 2?


I’m sure it’s very simple and basic, but I’m unable to find the solution. Any help much appreciated.