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Customer Order Counter | Show All Customer Orders | Prevent Duplicate Customers

Question asked by aramandhammer on Jul 9, 2016
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Hello Everyone,


     Let me start off by saying that I'm completely new to FIleMaker Pro. I currently have FileMaker Pro Advanced Version 14.X.

I have been through the FileMaker Pro tutorials from (FileMaker Pro 15).

The guy who explained everything did a great job of teaching simple stuff and not stuff that can be used in everyday application. Well, I guess in my case this is probably not something everyone does everyday.


So anyway, let me get straight to the point.

My questions are as follows:


Customer Order Counter:

Is there a script that can basically show me how many times 1 customer has ordered from me??...I have searched all throughout google in many different queries and nothing turns up with any useful information.


Show All Customer Orders

So following the Customer Order Counter, I want to create a button that runs a script and finds all the Orders from that specific customer. Or maybe a portal...if that's possible.


Prevent Duplicate Customers

So every time I fill out a order, its usually from a new customer...I may have hundreds upon hundreds of customers and obviously I cant keep track of all of them and unknowingly I might add a customer that already exists in the database.


Question: Is there a script where before adding the new customer it performs a search to see if the customer already exists?


I hope my explanation is understandable.

Let me just say thank you ahead of time to everyone who contributes to the discussion.

If you guys need further explanation please let me know and I will do my best to elaborate.