Change of developer, is my file secuer

Discussion created by stevo101 on Jul 10, 2016
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Hi everyone.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I have had a developer make a database for me using the filemaker platform.

I am very happy with the work he has done however i think he has closed down.

Emails are bouncing back, website is gone etc. I have not contact him by phone yet but will do this in a few days time.

I am a unsure how the development side of things work with filemaker. In a nutshell i need to be able to take this to another developer who can provide me with ongoing support and some minor modifications. The file is fully operational and we rely on it totally 100% every day for business.

Before i contact this person (and possibly have a heated discussion about the time he has been paid for but not provided service for) i need to know that i have full control/access to the file and that he cannot cause me any difficulties.

I have changed the password to login with the online host i have.

My questions are;

Is it possible for him to have put a layer of security within this file to make it difficult for anyone other than himself to make changes?

What else should i be doing here as far as making the file secure?

Sorry again if this is in the wrong area, i just needed to get this out there quick and get some answers to calm my nerves.

Thanks for reading.