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    ALL: Open source?


      Will the final solutions be posted anywhere for others to review/use? Part of what I like about this years Developer Challenge is that it's making a positive impact on the community and I think that impact could be amplified if all solutions were open sourced.

      The solutions created for Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth | Eliminati...  might also be able to be utilized by other organisations, like http://www.covenanthousetoronto.ca/homeless-youth... for instance.

      Also, FileMaker developers may be able to use these solutions as learning tools.

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          Not a bad idea for the non winners to be posted.

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            This is a little complicated legally. The current policy set by our legal dept is that only the winning solutions go to the nonprofits (instead of possibly incorporating features from other submissions), and that none of the solutions are made public.


            We aren't making the requirements docs public for the same reason. Typically a client wouldn't want you to publish their spec, right?


            So it involves getting permission from the nonprofits -- and permission from each team who might want their app to be shared.


            Not impossible, but something I'd rather discuss post-DevCon if possible.





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              That leads to another question that has been haunting my nightmares: Who is going to implement and support the winning solutions? Who is going to take the call that says, "but what we REALLY wanted was this...?" Who is going to answer the phone from two time zones away with the report of a bug?

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                I don't see this as a nightmare necessarily, but it is an unknown. The commitment from FileMaker and the three FBA companies is to get something functional delivered that meets the spec. After that, it's possible that someone might volunteer to support the apps for a period of time, but it's as likely that the nonprofits will need to hire someone going forward from there, certainly if they want to add more functionality. I'm going to keep an eye on the situation for the month following the delivery of the apps to see how things play out.


                We are sending one person from each nonprofit to DevCon. Our hope is that they over time will step into the role of maintaining the apps internally. If they come to the FM Community for advice, I believe that there are people here who will be willing to answer their questions.


                Finally, just the exercise of working with Soliant on requirements was a huge value. At this point, they've articulated what they need, which could put them in a good position to secure grant assistance to move their technical vision forward.

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                  Good answer. Thanks, Mark.