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    SQL Syntax Error


      Hi there Community,


      I have been trying to use the SQL IN operator.

      I'm not even sure if it's a good way to use in Filemaker, perhaps someone could tell me if not.


      However, could someone PLEASE tell me what is wrong with the following query.


      _val below is actually the results of a variable

      It contains a list of ids, which I substituted out to give the  format below.

      Of course, it could very well be the format of the variable which is wrong.




      _val = "('9B0636E5-ABBA-4BCC-A173-D578FEFF7ABD','5F0C33FD-DC23-44EF-B87F-E4CF5D306D86','D43844EA-7800-4470-AECE-329732D1A962')" ;


      $_query = "SELECT \"Component Name\" FROM SQLABB WHERE id IN ?" ;

      field.sep = "" ;

      row.sep = "" ;

      $_result = ExecuteSQL( $_query; field.sep ; row.sep ; _val )

      ] ;



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          You can't use the "?" placeholder in that way with an IN clause.


          If you want to use the "?" placeholder then your query should look like this:


          $_query = "SELECT \"Component Name\" FROM SQLABB WHERE id IN (?,?)" ;


          And you subsitute in the individual list members.

          Obviously if you have an unknown number of entries in the IN clause then it because a bit harder to dynamically create your query syntax.  But not impossible.

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            many thanks indeed Wim,


            so I just need to concatenate the values into the query ...


            Many thanks indeed for your swift response





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              There are a few "tricks" to using IN. Wim pointed out one (each value gets a "?")

              You can use variables, but do not put the "( ... )" into the variable:


              $var = "1,2,4,3,6"


              "WHERE abc IN ( ? )"


              "WHERE abc IN( " & $var & ")" // my preference


              the deal is that FM/ExecuteSQL will determine if the value of the parameter is a number and NOT quote when evaluated

              or single quote the value if text when evaluated.

              so, obviously, it has trouble with a string of values (comma-delimited as needed for the IN part of the clause).

              thus my preference is to use the $var as a concat and I handle what gets single quotes or not.


              this is easy if the values are hard-coded. it gets trickier when it's dynamically-build list of values to be used with IN.


              Another way to handle:


              "WHERE abc IN ( SELECT .... )" // A nested select to get the values. this may or not work for you.

              so I still prefer to get the values and use them as stated above.


              A few articles that may help:


              read the comments, too!


              (there are links to other articles.



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                Thanks very much Beverly - the articles are a great help.