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    Select ALL in a value list?


      I have setup Drop Down global fields with a relationship to a larger table to create a layout that filters portal results of that main table using the Drop Down field as filters.


      I have run into the problem of not being able to initially see all the possible results in the table. I have 3 Drop Down fields (Region, Category, Specialty) and sometimes I would like to see New York Region but ALL Categories and ALL Specialties. I can see NY with 1 Category and 1 Specialty. But I cannot figure out how to create a value item that is all of the rest of the list combined (if that makes sense). There has got to be a way to do this.


      Any advice?

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          Not sure whether you are talking about a filtered LIST or portals containing related files. Let's put it more clearly:


          •     I assume you have a field for Region, which has a dropdown list of regions

          •     Do you then have another field for Category, which has a dropdown list showing categories? Ditto for Specialty?

          •     Or do you have a portal to show Categories and a portal to show Specialties, that should show all the records relevant to the Region you select in the first field?

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            Yes, I have 3 separated Drop Down fields both in the Main Table and as Global fields.


            I am attempting to use a single portal.


            So initially, I'd like it to show ALL records in the Main Table in the portal. Then I could filter them down by Region, Category, Specialty, or any combination therein. And go backwards and go from a specific 3 filtered result to maybe 2 or 1 filters.


            Example, if I had NY and LA by Region. And Category was year. And Speacialty was type of cars. I'd like to show all cars available. Be able to show just cars from 2015. Or just Hondas. Or, NY, 2014, Hondas. Or 2014 Hondas.