Woocommerce invoices into FM question

Discussion created by ameliorator on Jul 9, 2016
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WARNING: I didn't even know FM existed a month ago.


I'm building my first FM solution and trying to reverse engineer solutions to put their abilities in my solution. Currently, I'm working on an order system that will take orders as they come in from Woocommerce (I'm planning on having someone connect FM with WooCommerce via API). I hit a road block because I think my application is different than the solution I found in the example pack.


***Let me preface this by saying I'm assuming I'll be able to have the order invoices fed into FM from WooCommerce. If it doesn't work like that, I think I'll need another work around.***


In the solution from the example pack that I'm trying to learn from, the products in the Product table have a price assigned to them. In my business, the same item/sku/product will have different pricing based on the member, so I can't assign a static price to the item in the FM Product table.


I'm assuming I'll have to have the data from Woo feed into the Order/Invoice table. I can visualize that kind of feed working easily with fields like name, address, dates... but when the orders coming in vary in items, quantity, AND price, I don't know what that'd look like or how to do it. I've attached my work in progress.