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    copy record in multiple fields


      hello I need your help,
      I created my own manga database with name, photo, description, year, etc. in Table 1, however, I would like to create in Table 2 in the portal a way to import the records and put them in order in the 5 fields or a field repeated 5 times

      eg Table 1 | Table 2 //
      copy records:
      record1 | // Name1 / record1
      record2 | // Name2 / record2
      record3 | // name3 / record3
      record4 | //name4 / record4
      record5 | //name5 / record5

      which calculation I have to do in order to copy the records in the table 1 and distribute them in the table 2 in 5 different fields?

      no matter if I have to create 5 fields or 1 repeated 5 times, the important and I want to create a type library effect as, and covers, or (i dont think) if I change the portal in horizontal view and not in a vertical column type maximum 5 (in my case) so I solve my problem and I find the records from 1 to 5 in the first row and 6 to 10 in the second row

      thank you

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          It would be making some relation from table2 to table1, then

          GetNthRecord ( table1::name ; ( Get ( RecordNumber ) -1 ) * 5 + n )

          // change n for 1 to 5 in 5 field, or

          GetNthRecord ( table1::name[1] ; ( Get ( RecordNumber ) -1 ) * 5 + Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) )

          //for repeated field


          You can use table1 as table2 (ommitting 4/5 of records). Otherwise, you need to create 1/5 records in table2 every time record created in table1.

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            hello thanks for the reply I have been trying without success, you see that I did not understand what function to the script you attach the photo, or if I have to put a value calculated in the name field


            in my script, the Superdata table, imports of azumi file and then your calculation should arrange them, but I can not because for sure I'm doing something wrong


            I was also thinking to do the script imports okay even without calculation, I could make a button to open the Table 2 and adjust them as your own calculation proposed by push button, you can do? , Because at the end of the table is imported in the same portal