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Dynamic Portal Search, looking for scalable technique

Question asked by Fimano on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by jbante

I have read the post on Dynamic Portal Search from The Scarpetta Group as well as this post: - however, I still seem to need guidance. I have a system with many tables, of course, one of the largest being Students. Another being Groupmessage, from which module the user can select various criteria for students who are to receive a message by e-mail. the last criterion is Ad hoc: Currently, you select Ad hoc (button) and a new window pops up, showing nothing initially. Then you can type in a search box, and if the search string exceeds 2 chars, I perform a search in the 30.000+ Student records. Now, the requirement is to select more than one student at a time without closing the window. This could be done, but by now we have settled on using popovers instead of spawning a new window. So this comes down to me needing a portal that filters in a similar way: Initially, when the search field is empty: 0 portal rows. When typing the first two chars: No beachball, please! On typing the 3rd char: find all students whose name (first, middle, last name) matches. On typing a space and some more chars: narrow the search to those matching all my search words. Plus points if I can avoid stored calcs on the right side (Students table with a return-delimited field of substrings of names), and more plus points for portability - I like using names objects. It should be fairly simple, but I can't seem to find the right way. One reason might be my hesitating approach to using demos I don't fully understand. Sometimes matters just need to be explained differently. I have other places where the initial display of the portal should be all, not none. Typically a category filter, and normally there would be < 200 rows in total. Example: a contact log, where you want to see all, but might want to filter for each available contact type. Or rather, the contact types used on that exact record. But that's a different discussion. Thanks, Jens