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Similar Primary Keys showing in Portal

Question asked by pademo57 on Jul 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2016 by beverly

I have 3 files: Students, Courses and a join file j_Studen_Course because a student can have many courses and a course may have many students.


When a Student takes a Course in my join table it shows a primary key id for the table, the student id as a foreign key and the Course id as a foreign key.


I set up in my Courses layout a portal to show all the students for a particular course but a strange thing appeared I wanted to make sure I had the right student in each course.  But in each course in the portal it shows the right students but shows the same join table id for each student.


As an example:


Course: History

Name                    StudID     j_Stud_CourID

Anita Friend           1                    2

Joe Schmoe          1                     2


Whereas in the join table j_Stud_Cour it shows


pk_j_Stud_Cour     fk_ StudID     fk_CourID

     1                              1                    2

     2                              2                    2


Why does it do that? What am I doing wrong?