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    Developed FMP REST backend for mobile: How to introduce?



      I'm sorry if being off-topic, also as my question isn't technical - but couldn't think of a better way or place to ask this...



      We have developed a versatile FMP based platform for mobile apps backend, and want to reach out to the FMP community in search of cooperation & advice. Ideas welcome.


      appUgo is an Israeli software house, very experienced with Filemaker since version 1.0. Being also quite involved in the local startup scene, we came to an understanding that if the app's backend - typically accessed via REST API and developed using tools such as Node.js or PHP - could be developed in Filemaker, dev cost and time will be reduced drastically.


      During the last two years we were developing this idea, starting with FMP go based Apps prototypes. Currently, based on appUgo recently launched KMIT technology, we are offering full FMP based app backends, including a custom made REST API. Pls note: our backends provides not merely REST access to FMP, but a truly full server, wrapping FMP db and logics strength behind a custom made API - and doing so without compromising FMP's unparalleled development speed.


      And now to the question: as said, we are rolling out quite a technology based on FMP,  that even in it's ver 1.0 enables appUgo to offer fully functioning backend for apps in a fraction of current time and cost. There is no active FMP community in Israel, and we have not connections to the U.S. & worldwide community - our natural target when seeking cooperations and advice. What would be the best practice to connect with FMP related people and companies? Forums beside this one, blogs to reach out to? Does Filemaker itself help in promoting such technologies? Any ideas or connections will be most highly appreciated (:


      Many thanks





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          Hi Eli,


          It is not entirely clear from your description or from the website exactly what the product is.  I understand that you are exposing FM data as a RESTful API, but where does the mobile app come into play?  Are you building mobile apps that encapsulate a mobile website that uses that REST API?   Can a


          As to connections:

          - there is FileMaker Devcon coming up, which would have been the best play to showcase your product (www.filemaker.com/devcon)

          - there are similar smaller developer conferences throughout Europe (a lot of them in October): Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, France,...


          - perhaps you can organize a webinar and announce it here and on FMforums.com


          - do reach out the FMI representative for your area.  Not sure who that is but you should be able to find that info on the FMI website

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            Note that there is an open source REST API for FileMaker: RESTfm | FileMaker RESTful Web Service

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              As far as connecting with other FM developers, this is the official FM run one.  There are others like www.FMForums.com that are good too.  I think you noted there is no users group there... then again, you could try to start one.  And if you have the budget for it, the best place to go is the annual Developers Conference which is in 2 weeks in Las Vegas with about 1500 FileMaker Developer types.  I'm sure you are aware of the FileMaker "Parnters" (aka consultants) at FileMaker Consultants, Data Consultants, Database Consultants  However, none of them are in Israel I see, which surprises me.  But for RESTful API work, 360Works.com has done a lot of work with it.  Todd Geist and some others too.  

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                Hi Wimdecorte,


                Thanks for the detailed reply - we will check all the options, and may set a webinar to present KMIT and get input. As said, we are now beta testing some first mobile apps with our backends, so might use one of those to demonstrate.


                Regarding the product, sorry for being unclear. I'm aware to the (great) RESTfm project, granting REST access to FM files. KMIT generated backends are more complex, though: a set of GET and PUT services, mostly custom-made per app, including all needed for a mobile app or a db driven website - from "user login", to "get vegan restaurants by distance from user". From the FM developer's perspective the development is typically very quick: as most mobile apps are actually quite simple technologically (: Once services are set, KMIT automatically upload the PHP files to create the custom made REST API, and updates the documentation (WebDirect) site. We hope to turn KMIT soon into a commercial version that will 3rd party developers to use KMIT, and for now using it ourselves to develop apps & stand alone backends for startup clients here.


                Anyhow, from the app developers point of view, there is no FM at all: they see merely a standard REST API, and for all they know it could have been PHP of Node.js (: only FM dev cycle is much faster than those, of course...

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                  Hi Taylor,


                  Thanks (: Unfortunately we can not attend the conference this year, but hope to come next year...