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    ip on my device


      I am very new to FM. I am following the training on FM website and got to the point where I am connecting my device to the computer that holds the solution. The IP address on my device is Nothing to do with the one on my computer. When I want to share the solution, in the dialog box, is displayed the same IP address: It is not an IP address to which I can connect to, and it works on my device when I am next to my computer, but not anymore as soon as I leave the place.
      When I go to "Hosts" on the device, it shows the exact computer IP address with a / at the end, and requests to write the name of the file, which I do. But it then says that it cannot be opened, either the host is not available, or the file is  not available on this host.

      How can I connect my device to my computer to use the solution outside?
      Thank you for your help.

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          A couple of things need to be put in place, all of it on the network side of things:


          - you need to know your external IP address (of where your solution is hosted).  That's the IP address assigned to you by your ISP.  If you don't have a static ISP address you need to use one of the dns services (dyndns, noip,...) that will give you a DNS name to point to your variable ISP IP address


          - on your router/firwall you need to allow incoming traffic on port 5003, and you need to forward that traffic to the internal IP address of your FM server/host.   Which means that your FM server/host needs to have a static IP address otherwise the forwarding will fail when your host gets a new IP address from the DHCP server


          - then on your device when you are outside of your own network you need to connect to that ISP address or DNS name

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            Hi and thank for taking the time,

            I am not to sure I understood everything, I am not used to that kind of things.
            We are on a network, does that mean that we have necessarily a static IP address? If so, is it the one from my computer which is used as a server for our other non FM solutions, or should I look somewhere else to find it?
            I entered the router, but I do not understand too much either in that field and I did not find anything about Firewall. Is that on the router or in the computer?
            I know I sound a little dumb, but no one is born with the knowledge and I did not learn these things.
            Thank you for your patience.

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              It seems that we do not have a static IP. I found that on the router with an empty box.



              Would that help?

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                No, you can not assign yourself a static external IP address, only your ISP can.


                I suggest that you find a good network consultant in your area to help you with this, someone who can work side-by-side with you and show you how to do it.

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                  I have tried few things on my own but did not get anywhere. I will follow your advice and try to find someone more competent than me.
                  Thank you for your time.

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                    There are a few topics here with details on how to set this up. You need a few basic things.


                    • Static IP Address from your internet company. (technically not required but make things a lot easier)
                    • A router that has port forwarding (aka port masking). Most modern modem/routers can do this.
                    • The FMS should have a static LAN IP address assigned by you.
                    • A domain name (or sub domain) that points to the IP address so it is easier to remember and allows the use of SSL certificate. Not required but highly recommended.


                    You can find some information about these things by searching here or online. These are the same basic things you need for any web server. FMS requires a few special ports, but the rest is the same.


                    If you find that this is too much to do on your own find someone close to you that does know as wimdecorte suggested. You may have a small cost for the IP address and the SSL certificate, but it is not that bad.