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Subscripts within Perform on Server Script

Question asked by drted on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by coherentkris

Trying to figure out what happens if you place a


      Perform Script: AnyScript


within a script that you sent to Server to be performed via PSOS?


Will that subscript also be automatically performed on the server, or will the subscript pop back to the client, and be performed locally?  So really two questions:


1) Will subscripts work within a script sent to server?


2) in order for that subscript to be continued on the server, need one use the "Perform Script On Server" command rather than simply "Perform Script"


I have created scripts that usually are performed on server, but occasionally, I need them to run locally.  Mostly for testing/debugging.  So I use the option key to say "if option key down, then run locally, but if not, then PSOS".  But I'm not sure what happens to nested subscripts after this point?


I have actually "solved" my current situation, by largely eliminating sub-scripts, and instead running the entire PSOS script as one long script.  This works.  But for sake of modularity, I'd prefer to have certain loops and routines separated back out into subscripts.  But doing so seems to massively slow down the operation.  Hence, I suspect the subscripts all revert to running locally.  Perhaps I could solve it by using subscripts, but always using the PSOS step instead of merely Perform Script.?  But this becomes difficult if I desire to optionally run the script locally.


Thanks for any insight you might have here.