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Does a tab control load all inactive tabs on load of layout

Question asked by bimsickle on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by jerrysalem

When putting a tab control on a layout, does it load all the data on the inactive tabs when a layout loads?


I have a customer layout, with a tab control.

The tab control has the following tabs







Each tab has either fields from another table, or a portal or a graph to show data.


My understanding is that when you have one field from a related table all fields are pulled down from the related table.

So if I have a contact details table (Phone, Fax, Email, Web) all that data is pulled across when I for example display the phone number.

(This I am okay with and have developed around this premise).


If I put a tab control on a layout, with each tab showing different data is all of that pulled down anyway just by being on an inactive tab? Would the layout load faster if I used mock-tabs and had a layout for each "tab" instead of using a tab control?

I don't want to necessarily load the customer sales if I am only viewing their contact details...