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    Barcode running FM script


      HI Folks,



      We are looking to introduce barcode entry into our Filemaker solution.

      We have set up a simple barcode entry database that will take the scan and perform various script triggers to react to the data content, that all seem to work fine.

      But it all relies on the operator selecting the field within the database. 

      We would like to have the scan happen automatically, that is the actual event of scanning the barcode would open the correct database, create a new record and go to the scan input field, irrespective of what was happening on the desktop at the time.


      We are using Filemaker 14 with a Main server and clients and with hands free type scanners that are programmable.


      Anyone cracked this issue yet ?

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          1. I would move this post to the "Discussions" area. Community Feedback is more for issues involving this website and the Jive software that runs it.


          2. Sadly no. You have to be in a field. You could try and use script triggers to try and keep the users in the field. However, one BIG word of caution...that takes you down a road of frustration and a rabbit hole of weird quirky behavior and extremely careful timing of events. I wouldn't recommend it. Even OnLayoutKeystroke does not function as you would expect in FM Go...and the keystroke trigger seem to introduce a lot of crashing.

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            Thanks Joshua,


            New to this - Ive moved it to discussion.


            Yes I kind of thought that but wondering if I was missing a trick.  We may look at the process in that we could force the field to be active after the previous step in our process - will need some thought.


            Interested in any further feedback for anyone out there.

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              We've just added a bar code feature to one of our systems, but haven't attempted to automatically commence the process using the bar code reader. The field in question is also used for manual entry using a pop up menu and the value is based on an ID field, but displaying the description.


              We've used a small bar code button to open a pop over with another copy of the field ready for the hardware to be used and a closing script triggered either by a button or OnPopOverClose.


              However, the main reason for contributing is that we thought we'd be able to use an OnObjectModify script trigger for after the bar code reader had entered the code, but this was not the case. The bar code reader appears to put the code in character by character that triggers the on modify trigger each time (we didn't have hardware to test, so initially were just using paste where the data is entered as a single modification).


              I appreciate that this doesn't resolve the initiation problem, but hope it is of some help.



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                We found the same thing Andy. The keystroke triggers you can trap for the return character to fire the rest of the script...but OnLayoutKeystroke doesn't work in Go if you are not in a field...which is disappointing.