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GetLayoutObjectAttribute() strange result

Question asked by f.i.sciences on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by TSGal



I have a table called 'Escalier' with a relationship to 'Client' base on a unique 'Client' ID to a multiple 'Escalier' ID.

The 'Client' table also has a relationship to the 'Config Usager' table with the unique 'Config Usager' ID.


In the 'Config Usager' table, I have a calculation field named 'WebViewWidth' with the value 'GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "WebView" ; "width" )' in it.

The 'WebView' object is a 'WebView'.


I have created the first 'Escalier' record from one of the 'Client' and using a layout base on 'Escalier' table, the 'WebViewWidth' field was working fine.


Then I created another 'Escalier' record and now 'WebViewWidth' is returning nothing.

Returning to the first working record in 'Escalier' table still work.

I have double check relationship value on second record and they are all fine.

Only the 'WebViewWidth' doesn't return right value.

If I do a visualization of 'GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "WebView" ; "width" )' in Data Viewer, it's fine.

Creating a third record does the same problem as the second.