Can I Ignore Import Error 729

Discussion created by josh_lim on Jul 11, 2016
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Can I ignore Error 729 during an Import if the data imported correctly.


I have 3 Tables that I want to export as one FMPro file. Then, I want to re-Import this FMPro file back into the 3 tables.


Because I want every record in all the 3 tables, I did an ExecuteSQL (with outer joins) and Virtual List on a Export Table which I used to call the Export Records.


Data is exported as I desire - with duplicated fields on multiple rows.


During the Import back, I wanted to use this one exported file 3 times to import the selected fields into the original tables. Because I have validation to ensure the primary keys are unique, I get error 729.


But the outcome is what I want. If I had switched this validation off, I would have gotten many duplicate records with same Primary key.


My question: Even though I get the desired outcome, albeit with Error 729. It this a normal way of Export/Import the data?



















I joined these 3 tables into one export table using Virtual list. Exported it as a single fmp12, then re-import it back.

Review table gets multiple rows because of the join, if I didn't have validation to ensure unique value, validated all the time.


Once I add in the validation on ReviewID (validate always) - I get a clean import. However, I also get Error 729. I see error during debug, but don't do anything about it, suppressing it.


But I'm just wondering if this is a normal way and I can ignore the error.


Any thoughts?