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    Bring the FileMaker window to the front (in front of adobe reader) via script



      I'm attempting to bring the filemaker window to the fore after a script has launched another application using send event.

      The other application remains in the foreground and I need the FileMaker  window/ layout to return to the foreground for more user input.

      Users are on Windows 10 - FM 15 Pro


      So far I've tried using the MBS plugin functions in a combination of



      Set Variable [$WindowRef;MBS( "Window.FindByTitle" ; Get(WindowName))]

      Set Variable [$Window;MBS("Window.Activate"; $WindowRef)]


      Also tried using

      MBS( "Window.SetTopMost"; $WindowRef; 0 )


      No luck so far,


      I wonder if


      Set Variable [$Window;MBS("Window.Activate"; 0)]


      Might work?



      welcome any ideas.