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Bring the FileMaker window to the front (in front of adobe reader) via script

Question asked by on Jul 12, 2016


I'm attempting to bring the filemaker window to the fore after a script has launched another application using send event.

The other application remains in the foreground and I need the FileMaker  window/ layout to return to the foreground for more user input.

Users are on Windows 10 - FM 15 Pro


So far I've tried using the MBS plugin functions in a combination of



Set Variable [$WindowRef;MBS( "Window.FindByTitle" ; Get(WindowName))]

Set Variable [$Window;MBS("Window.Activate"; $WindowRef)]


Also tried using

MBS( "Window.SetTopMost"; $WindowRef; 0 )


No luck so far,


I wonder if


Set Variable [$Window;MBS("Window.Activate"; 0)]


Might work?



welcome any ideas.