Sync device with server with Mirrorsync: does it effort the price?

Discussion created by gdaquino on Jul 12, 2016

Hello experts,


I recently face the needs to sync a filemaker db placed on mobile devices, with a server db.


I've found a lot of products, but my choice (unfortunately?) has been on 360works Mirrorsync.


After finding a hidden issue with the port of the Web Publishing Engine (8081), so that 360works promptly created a new version for the software I found other issue on configuring the sync process.


In particular the 'Hub db' is a large file with data related to orders, articles and customer.


The 'spoke db' instead is a light file that has data of each salesperson on it that must be send automatically to the server when the connection is up so that the server can finally send the orders to the producers at the end of the day.


It seems to be a simple configuration, but there are always errors.


First of all the sync process is split in 3 parts. 1 is the hub db, 1 is the 'spoke db' on the server, and at the end the 'spoke db' after the download on the mobile device.


On the orders table, the pk is based on a filed that is a Get (IDUU) field. I don't understand why but the table on the 'hub' db after attempting to sync always find errors, even if there aren't and the table at the end seems to be recovered.


There is even another issue. They strongly recommended me to have a sync based on a single file instead of two, for performance issue.


So based on your experience, do you have any suggestions to fix definitely the configuration and let it work in a 3 tier model or do I have definitely to quit the mirror sync and ask for a refund?


Thanks in advance, all your opinion are important to me.